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Specialising In Therapy For Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma, Offering Both Online and In-person Sessions In The Greater Manchester Area.

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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Online and In-person therapy in Manchester and Salford

Pamela Hartfield

Pamela Hartfield BA (Hons), Dip.Adv.Hyp.GHsc.GQHP
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist


Welcome to Hartfield Wellness Studio. A place for transformative healing!

Are you feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of anxiety, depression or fear? Or are you haunted by past traumas that continue to hold you back? As an experienced Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, I'm here to help you on an incredibly transformative journey to overcome these challenges and unlock your full potential. Using powerful techniques, we can work together to release negative emotions, reframe limiting beliefs, and create new, positive patterns of thought and behaviour. 


Just reach out and get in touch. I can't wait to begin this journey with you!

How Can I Help You?

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Therapy for Anxiety & Stress

Are you in an endless loop of incessant fear, worry or panic? With the necessary tools, you can go from fearful to happily grounded. Instead of managing these feelings, you can finally break free and discover the wonderful person you truly are!

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Therapy for Depression

The heaviness of depression can weigh a person down. Feelings of hopelessness stick around and can make us think negatively about ourselves. Let hypnotherapy help you shift/release false beliefs and positively change behaviours significantly so you can feel lighter, brighter and more confident again! 

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Inner Child Healing

Acknowledging and processing unresolved feelings and needs from childhood can improve your self-esteem, increase your capacity for intimacy and connection, and cultivate greater emotional resilience. You can heal your inner child through therapy, self-reflection, and self-compassion and create a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

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Therapy For Bad Habits

If you're struggling with bad habits, hypnotherapy might be just what you need. It works by getting into your subconscious and figuring out why you're doing what you're doing. Then, it helps you retrain your brain to make better choices. With the help of a hypnotherapist, you can finally break free from those pesky habits and start living your best life.

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Therapy for Fears & Phobias

Are you seeking a way to release fears or phobias and regain control? Both can be debilitating, but through hypnotherapy, we can address the underlying fear response and work to change thoughts and behaviours, leading to a greater sense of control and freedom in your life! 

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Therapy for Confidence

How would you feel to discover a more confident you? Sometimes we can feel like the proverbial wallflower. Holding back in social situations or avoiding them altogether. Healing confidence and self-esteem can be a transformative experience. We identify the root cause and alter those limiting beliefs so you can unearth the positive, confident you!

Need help with something else?

Explore the Full Range of Hypnotherapy Benefits: Discover How Hypnotherapy Can Address Smoking, Weight Loss, and More. Reach out to Learn About Tailored Therapy Sessions for Your Unique Needs

What Clients Are Saying

I came to see Pamela to help with my anxiety and depression. I have battled for many years and often struggled with life’s demands. I discovered a lot about myself and now know where these feelings stemmed from. Pamela’s studio is a lovely space, and she is very friendly and welcoming. I had 5 sessions with her and I just can’t believe how my life has changed. I feel like a weight has been lifted and just wish I’d found her sooner! Thank you for really being a great support and helping me change my life.

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