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About Pamela Hartfield

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master


Hi, I'm Pamela, and I specialise in using Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy to release anxiety, stress, and trauma. My practices are based in  Manchester and Rossendale where I offer tailored hypnotherapy sessions to help clients overcome their emotional struggles and lead a happier, healthier life.



My Journey

Like many of us, my life hasn't always been straightforward. Growing up in the care system often left me struggling with my mental health. Frequent changes in homes and schools led me to question my sense of belonging and often left me feeling like an outsider among my peers. Despite these obstacles, I pursued a degree in Fashion & Business as a young single parent, motivated by both the challenges and the desire to succeed. After graduating, I worked in the creative industry for several years, but a realisation soon dawned on me - I was not fulfilled. Although an artist, my work only supported other creatives in a commercialised version of my uncommercial dream. However, this was a part of the journey yet to unfold. 

An epiphany struck me, and I realised that I could no longer continue in the commercial design industry and that I longed to work in a field that positively impacted people's lives. I decided to step away from design and embark on a new career journey. Gazing out at my garden bathed in the warm summer light, I pondered what my future self would be doing with regard to my career, and I allowed myself to meditate on this question, seeking clarity and insight.

I was initially drawn to the nursing field and pursued mental health nursing. As I delved deeper into the areas of consciousness and psychology, I became interested in learning from a diverse range of modalities and cultures. During this journey, I came across Reiki, which provided me with a profound connection to nature and a powerful means of accessing my innermost self. Through my studies in Reiki, I learned to heal and establish a connection to myself, and my belief in the effectiveness of natural healing techniques grew stronger.

However, it was my studies in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy that truly sparked my passion for helping others on their journey towards healing and transformation. Upon reflection, I realised that mental health nursing did not resonate with my beliefs or purpose. I desired to do more than simply manage symptoms, as my ultimate goal was to eliminate the root causes that hindered individuals.  I stepped away from that career and immersed myself in the incredible power of healing with the subconscious mind.

As I went through significant personal changes, healing anxiety, depression, and past trauma, and observed others undergoing similar transformations, my fascination with our ability to make profound changes within our subconscious minds continued to grow. 

Through the act of recalling long-forgotten memories, we can effectively heal the past and transform our future. By processing emotions that we may have suppressed for years, we can ultimately release the feelings and emotions that have held us back. By reevaluating outdated thought patterns that impede our growth, we can rise above limiting beliefs, heal emotional wounds, and foster long-lasting transformations that bring us joy and fulfilment. Then with renewed confidence and optimism, we can venture out into the world fearlessly.


"Although often overlooked in modern society, the power of the subconscious mind is immense - shaping the very fabric of our reality"

One of the most important things I have learned is that our interpretations of our life experiences influence our reality. By changing our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, we can take control of our future experiences and fundamentally alter every facet of our lives for the better. ­­Now, I continually evolve as a person and therapist fascinated by the connection between our mind, body, and emotions. I strive to help people boost their self-esteem, eradicate anxiety and depression, and help every individual unlock and discover their true potential.

My aim for our work together is to empower you and reconnect you to your natural source of happiness, balance, and joy. 

In practising these modalities, I have seen how they can positively change our emotional and physical

well-being. I am continuously inspired by the development of the people I meet and am privileged to be

a part of their journeys.

I invite you to take the next step with me and experience true transformation.

I look forward to meeting you!

With all my love,

Pamela x

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